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Art Lessons From Grandma

... lots of creative ideas and fun things to do 

                                        Here is a special project for someone you love
A planter or tea light holder
Your special person will love this and it's very easy to make. 
In an afternoon, you can turn a tuna can into a beautiful planter or tea light holder!

Materials Needed:

clothes pins                            an empty tuna can

construction paper                   a plant or tea light

Step 1                          Step 2                           Step 3

​Remove lid from can        Clip clothespins onto can               Continue all the way 
                                                                                             around the can       

Denise Weiner      10121 Bellavista Circle, 704     Miromar Lakes, FL 33913   email:DeniseWeiner@comcast.net

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Step 4

Add your planter or tea light and hearts
 cut from construction paper. 

You can also add a message to your special person.