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Art Lessons From Grandma  Book Reviews
Here's what Laura Duggan said in her review..."This children’s book was submitted by Barbara, one of the LitKidz readers, who recommended it in this way:

'The book can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It offers information on art and many things to do, in an original way. This book is like no other art book for children. It not only offers art projects for children to do, it also educates them about art media, artists, color, etc., in a way that the child can understand. It’s not only hands-on, it’s also intelligent, without being too advanced. It’s fun, and the overall look of the pages are bright and cheerful.'

With that as a recommendation, I immediately bought this children’s book to see for myself, and was totally surprised. It is filled with wonderful illustrations of a grandma and her granddaughter, who grows through the book from infant to young girl. The family is multi-cultural, which makes this children’s book even more universal in its reach. The lessons that are offered to a growing girl through the medium of art projects are lessons that we could all take to heart, starting with Never be afraid to try new things.

I encourage any adult who loves bringing art to children to consider this children’s book. It illuminates how valuable it is to bring a child into the world of creativity. You might also want to visit the author’s website for more information and other art projects."

Laura Duggan

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What is LitKidz?
LitKidz is devoted to selecting quality literature primarily for children ages five to twelve, although children vary a great deal in their interests and skills at any age.

We believe that stories are the carrier of a culture and its values. As we nourish children with great stories, we not only nourish their minds, but ultimately we shape the future of our culture. LitKidz is passionate about sustaining and creating a better tomorrow.

LitKidz believes that great children’s books help adults help children make good choices. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, or just someone who consciously loves and cares about nurturing children, LitKidz' website is for you.

Literacy is another goal of LitKidz. Reading is about magic. Reading is about imagination. Reading is about joy. This website is created to have children get lit up by the magic and joy of reading. How? By insuring that our children are reading the best of the best in books.

Whether your child is reading by themselves, or you are reading to them, LitKitz helps you by picking children’s books that stir the imagination, transmit your values, and inspire children in every way. Just as we won’t feed kids potato chips as a meal, LitKidz doesn’t include trivial books- junk food for the mind. Every book brings a contribution to the development of the whole child: heart, mind, and spirit.

No author pays LitKidz to write reviews. They are all based on my own interest and experience. Every time you purchase a book using the links on the book review page, your local bookstore, or Amazon, return a portion to this website, allowing us to offer this content as a public service. The same thing applies for any of the advertisements from Google. 

Laura Duggan
Comments From Our Readers
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Painting by Maia Kobabe. Visit her website 
Inspirational and Beautiful 
             Lorraine Maita

From Corporate Executive to Artiste--a 14 year Journey 
Donna C. Coulson

Turn to this Book for Fun AND Learning 

A great choice for young as well as older children 
Agnes Smith

Amy Staudt

Growing Closer through Having Fun with Art 
Marianne Ficarra

The Perfect Book!!! 
Joan Pra Sisto

Great Gift!  
Marianne L

Art Lessons from Grandma inspires, teaches and nurtures creativity 
Dr. E Girerd-Barclay

I love this book!  
Amazon Customer

A book that touches the soul ---- we all get lessons from this book, at any age or gender. WOW from all of us.  

One of our readers sent Art Lessons From Grandma 
to George and Laura Bush as a congratulations for the birth of their first granddaughter. 

Dianne received this lovely note back from George Bush.
A letter from former President George Bush
Awesome Family Book
This book is incredible!
Allyson B.